Voice Over Talent

Audio Engineer • Educator

Voice Over that brings your words to life

Quality voice over performance, sound, and service. There’s a reason why clients come back to Deborah again and again for their voice over needs. Looking for a North American English speaking female voice with a neutral accent? With a sound that is conversational, real, millennial, and just down right pleasant to listen to? Plus, customer service that is dependable, responsive, with a turn-around time that fits your schedule? Deborah has you covered. Based in San Diego, California, Deb is equipped to work with clients locally and world-wide. Get in touch today to discuss your project. Click on the Voice Over tab to learn more.

Audio Engineer for a stress-free production

“Wow, that was easy!” is a comment Deb hears a lot after sessions. Her stress-free environment allows you to focus on your performance while she handles all the technical stuff. And you’ll love her friendly and responsive customer service. With years of studio experience, Deborah knows the right equipment to use and the space you need for your project. Whether you’re a musician, voice over artist, author, podcaster, or any type of audio-content creator, Deborah can take care of it with recording, editing, and mixing services. Looking to record in San Diego, California? Get in touch! Need editing, mixing, or voice over mastering? Send the files to Deb from wherever you are in the world! Click on the Audio Engineer tab to learn more.

Learn audio production from a pro

For those interested in the ins and outs of audio production – from recording to editing, to mixing and mastering – who are looking for a friendly, knowledgeable, professional coach, teacher, and tutor, Deborah can help you. In-person lessons are offered to students in the San Diego area. Remote lessons are also available via video-conferencing or online videos, depending on your learning needs. Small group sessions are also an option for those who learn better with a friend. Click on the Education Services tab to learn more. Or get in touch directly to schedule time.

Consulting for your project studio

Putting together a project studio for your voice over career? Taking your podcasting game to the next level? Need help finding the best recording spot in your space and the right equipment for your budget? Deborah can get you on the right track. Whether your studio is in a home or an office, Deb is here to assist you with recommendations for pro-audio gear, sound treatment, and installation that will fit any budget. In-person consultations are available to clients in San Diego, California. If you live outside of the San Diego area, remote consultations can be arranged. Click on the Education Services tab for more information, or the Get In Touch tab to get started. Deb understands that sometimes it’s more convenient and cost effective to record in your own studio space. And with so much pro-audio equipment affordable at the consumer level now, it’s possible to get a professional-quality sound without renting out a commercial studio. But it can be hard to cut through all of the information out there and know what the best options are for you. Let Deborah help you narrow down the best options for your needs, so that you can be confident in what you choose.

E-mail me at deb.reeves@gmail.com

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