eLearning Voice Over

Full ELearning Demo. To hear individual pieces, go to the player on the right if on a computer or at the bottom of the screen if on a phone or tablet.

With a voice that is a combination of energetic and fun, confident but playful, youthful but wise, I will connect with your audience of learners and help them absorb and retain the valuable – at times critical – knowledge you are teaching.

Sample Work – Sunset Property Management

Custom Demo Read

Like what you hear, but want to make sure my voice will fit your project? Send a sample of your script to deb.reeves@gmail.com and I will provide you a custom read as quickly as possible.

It’s not always easy knowing if you’ve found the right person to voice your training modules. A short sample read of your script can show you and your team that I understand the tone, content, and pacing of your project and can deliver the high quality audio files you need. Sample reads are always free because I want you to be sure before you put any money down.

Remote Live Direction

Want to listen in and give direction while I’m recording your project? No problem! With the ability to connect via phone, Skype, Zoom, and more, just let me know your preferred method of connection and I will make it happen.

My home-base is San Diego, so if you’d rather work together in person and you have a studio in mind in the San Diego, Orange County, or Los Angeles region, I’ll be happy to work with you there. Otherwise, my home studio is perfectly equipped to accommodate your needs.

A Passion for eLearning

As an educator as well as a voiceover talent, I have a passion for education and learning. Studies show that people learn more when they are engaged and having fun. And that’s what I provide, both in the classroom and in a read — engagement and fun.

You’ve spent a lot of time and energy getting the wording for your script just right to meet your team’s approval. You deserve a voice that will bring your script to life, giving every word the meaning it needs so that your learners will retain more knowledge. And with a quick turnaround of quality audio, you can relax knowing that your eLearning project will be done on-time.

Get in touch at deb.reeves@gmail.com to find out how I can help you with your eLearning voiceover needs.

A True Professional

There’s a reason why clients come back to me again and again with repeat work. As a professional Voice-Over Talent for over 5 years, I have the skills and experience you need. I am constantly updating my training so that I can offer you the most timely and contemporary reads to connect with your audience.

With a professional studio setup with high end pro-audio gear, quality of sound and performance always goes hand in hand. And providing excellent customer service is always my number one priority. As a consumer I appreciate good customer service, so as a service provider you can be certain you will get the high level of service I expect from others.

Worry-free Voice Over

When you need someone who is easy to work with and a pleasure to be around, look no further. Many of my clients tell me, “Wow, that was easy!” while they’re working with me. It’s the best compliment I can receive, and something I strive for with each new person I work with.