Audio Engineer-Voice Over Production

An Experienced Voice Over Engineer

Combining old school analog recording techniques with new school digital audio technologies, Deborah provides a comfortable atmosphere where you can focus on creating your work of art. Whether it’s a music or voice over production, Deb has you covered. Email to discuss your project.

Commercials, Promos, Video Games, Podcasts, Audiobooks, and more


  • Talent includes: Alicia Keys, John Cena, Tony Hawk, Drew Brees, Alan Arkin, Jon “Boog” Sciambi, Tony Gwynn Jr.
  • Audiobooks for Penguin Random House, HarperCollins, Hay House, and independent authors and audiobook publishers.
  • Voice Over recording for commercials, movies, TV shows, video games and apps from Universal Pictures, Pixar, National Geographic, General Mills, Petco, EA Games, Sony, Under Armour, and many more

When you have a voice over project, you need a recording that is clean, clear, and unprocessed. A recording that meets the specifications for your project. None of the bells and whistles engineers without voice over experience add. And no extraneous room noise that can’t be edited out. When you work with Deborah, you can be confident that your voice over project will sound exactly as it should.

Deb has been working on voice over projects for years, including commercials, ADR, prelay, audiobooks, podcasts, meditations, eLearning and training courses, interviews, and more. She understand that every project needs something different. Whether you’re looking for someone to engineer and give input when there’s a noise or missed word, someone to direct a performance, or just sit back and make sure a clean, continuous recording occurs, you can rest easy that Deborah will handle it.

ADR Services

Recording, Editing, and Mastering Services

When you’re recording a voice over project, a quiet, comfortable space is the most important thing. Deborah works with some of the top voice over recording studios in San Diego, so she knows the best places to go. Need a recording done on-site? Deb can help you capture the best sound possible, no matter where you need to record.

Need editing? Deborah offers full editing and mastering services. Just send over the audio, any related documentation like script or production notes, and desired due date and let Deb take it from there.

Voice Over mastering is different from music. It takes a delicate touch to bring the voice up to adequate loudness specs without damaging the sound. Deb will get you the most natural sound possible for final distribution in almost any file format needed. And yes, she’s very familiar with ACX specs.

Over 20 years of experience in audio production

An Audio Engineer’s Skills and a Voice Over Artist’s Mind

As a voice over artist in addition to audio engineer, Deb understands what your voice over project needs. Performance, mouth noise, expectations and needs, Deborah has the ear and the know-how to take your production where it needs to go.

Contact Deb directly at or click on Get In Touch to discuss your project.